Yoga & Meditaiton


Practices to restore the body and quiet the mind

PRIVATE CLASSES ONLY – customized to meet your needs and requests.

At Euphoric – 1-2 px  60 min – $60 USD +15 USD pp extra

At Your HOTEL: $120 USD 1-2px  +15 USD pp extra – includes mat rental, cleaning and transport.

Euphoric Yoga & Meditation with Laura 

TANTRA Hatha & Vinyasa for ALL LEVELS – Expand and liberate your body and mind through the breath in traditional asanas and flowing movement. Focus on activation and movement of energy through the Chakras. Mantras and Mudras incorporated.

Couples Yoga & TANTRIC Meditation  – Connect with your partner through body and breathwork

Crystal & Clay Detox Meditation – An oceanfront treatment. Cover yourself from head to toe in a luxurious, detoxifying clay body mask and allow the sun to dry you as you engage in a guided meditation to clear the mind and manifest destiny.  Rinse clean in the ocean and relax in savasana with healing crystals.

$120 USD 1-2px  * Group prices available

Yoga/Meditation 101 – Go back to school with this private workshop designed especially for beginners! Choose from yoga or meditation and learn the basics with confidence and ease.

120 min $120 USD 1-2 px +$15 USD pp extra