LAURA SEGRO is a Clinical Psychologist, Energy Coach and 500+hour Certified Tantra Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga Instructor and Teacher Trainer with over 26 years of dedicated practice. She is the owner of Euphoric Yoga & Wellness and is the Lead Yoga Instructor and Energy Coach at world-renowned Azulik Hotel & Maya Spa. Laura’s unique classes encourage reconnection, expansion and liberation of the physical body through breath in traditional yoga postures and flowing movement.

Laura has lived in Tulum, Mexico for 9 years, where she organizes and leads personal and small group yoga and wellness retreats for those wishing to fully embrace the healing, inspiring and transformational powers within.

Through her Ignite the Divine Community Project, Laura raises funds to provide activities such as yoga, meditation, temazcal, art and dance programs for the local community, as well as assistance with food, veterinary care and sterilization for the street animals. In addition to loving donations, 10% of income generated from her Ignite the Divine Retreats and events held at Euphoric Yoga & Wellness goes to fund this community project. Those on holiday wishing to volunteer are free to help in her mission to Igniting the Divine Community!

Laura is a nature and animal lover, and has three beautiful rescue dogs, all from Mexico.  She is available for a variety of private yoga, meditation and therapeutic experiences at her home studio in Akumal, Mexico.