Meditation is a very important part of my life. I remember years ago when I first started, how difficult it was to quiet my mind and it’s insescent chatter. How I couldn’t seem to find a comfortable position. My back and my right hip joint always ached, my legs and feet would fall asleep after a few minutes, and my head and neck always felt so heavy. With all of the physical discomfort, I found it nearly impossible to concentrate on anything else. Seeing the perfect postures and blissed out faces on the more experienced people around me didn’t help either. And it carried on like this for years! Until finally one day, someone showed me how to find my perfect seat using blankets, pillows and blocks. THIS was the game changer! From there I was able to settle my physical body, build strength in my back muscles and slowly allow my hips to release. Little by little, I was able to focus on my breath, and use my senses to help me tune into the present moment. And little by little, stillness and peace unfolded.
I have practiced all types of meditation techniques over the years, discovering what works for me and what doesn’t, and I have learned to make meditation a part of my daily life. This means when I am walking, talking and moving through my day, I am actively seeking moments and seizing opportunities to meditate. And do you know what? IT WORKS! It really, truly works! As a result, I am more focused and productive. I am less reactive and irritated, especially by the little things. I am also significantly less anxious. I am better able to stop in any moment, see the bigger picture and make better decisions. I spend more time feeling happy and peaceful and less time feeling worried and unsure. This has been my journey with meditation, and it is still unfolding every single day! For this, I am grateful.
If you are new to meditation and would like to learn how, I can help guide you on a path that is right for you. If you have an existing practice, but are feeling stuck and would like some guidance, I can also help. I accept 4 students per month, either in person or online, and I would love to work with you.

And so it begins…..

And so it begins….

My dive head first into the world of websites, blogging and social media. A world of logos, business cards, flyers and shameless self promotion.  I have been putting this off for far too long.  Like 7 years too long.  Many well-meaning friends have tried to help me. To push me. To pull me. To drag me, kicking and screaming, to this point. But I wasn’t ready.

Now I am ready. 100% Ready.

I am stubborn. Very stubborn. I will do it my way; learning for myself and trusting that even if I belly flop, the water will catch me and guide me to the surface for another breath.